Wednesday weigh-in (+ confessions)

It’s Wednesday again. That time of week where the Gentleman steps onto the scale and hopes to see 195# plus Rich Froning’s abs in the mirror. Last week I was just under 160# and two weeks ago at the start of this journey, I was an itty-bitty 157#.

Onto the scale: 157.2#. Whuuuut? Fuuuuuuck.

Confession time. Last week, I weighed myself on Tuesday night; the week before that, on Wednesday morning. This week: Wednesday morning. I’m noticing a trend. My weight fluctuates throughout the day; I weigh more at night. Shocker, right? Well, it’s time to implement a more rigid system.

Implementation Phase I: Weigh-ins are every morning, just after the shower. It’s the easiest time for me to do it and, hopefully, will become habit enough that I don’t forget. I was so disappointed to see that I had “lost” weight, despite eating two more meals per day over the past week or so, but I think that having more-or-less the same schedule before weigh-in will help mitigate these daily weight fluctuation issues.

Implementation Phase II: Thanks to the kind gentlemen over at Barbell Shrugged, I’ve got some advice on how to manage the emotional roller-coaster that is weight-gaining. In order to tamper the highs and lows – physically and emotionally – I’ll be weighing myself EVERY day, not just Wednesday, and trending them out over the coming months. Hopefully, that’ll help me smile on mornings like this one and not gloat too much on more successful mornings.

I started Phase II on Monday and will be graphing the data when I get a few more points. So far, this week: 158.0# (Monday), 158.4# (Tuesday), 157.2# (Wednesday).

Implementation Phase III: Another thanks due here, this time to Jennifer over at Wine to Weightlifting. On last week’s Wednesday weigh-in, Jennifer mentioned tracking what you eat. I’ve never done it myself – I always equated it to “calorie counting” or losing weight. Dead wrong. A quote I shared with Jennifer: “You weigh what you weigh because you eat what you eat.” I noticed last week that I was simply not eating enough = not weighing enough. And, while I can’t commit to tracking everything I eat everyday – that would get old for me, fast – I will try to do at least two days per week. One weekday, which is infinitely more routine, and one weekend, which is where I tend to run into problems.

I’ll be using myfitnesspal in order to track the goodies. Yesterday, I counted 2,739 calories. I’d like to be up around the 3,000 mark in order to gain the weight. My guess is that my Saturday’s and Sunday’s leave a lot of calories on the table.

Implementation Phase IV: Another Jennifer recommendation – thanks again: Bulletproof Coffee. I’ve got my coffee pot (still need to set it up), I’ve got my Kerrygold grassfed butter, I’ve got my coconut oil, and I live in a coffee mecca. Time to get some good beans!

Even so, with my 0.2# weight gain in two weeks, it’ll only take me about two years to get up to 170#…

Well, fuck it, I still PR’d my back squat last week!

Your turn: how do you handle “failure”? What motivates you to keep going if you’re not as successful as you hoped? Do you track what you eat?



  1. Jennifer · November 19, 2014

    Alright.. if you can weigh yourself everyday (which I do not – I do Wednesday mornings as a nice control day), you can just as easily track everyday. I promise, it gets pretty intuitive. First, start with committing to tracking twice a week as you are.. then commit to okay, track every breakfast. Every morning log in and put in your bulletproof coffee. My Fitness Pal will even save what you eat so the next day, you can just basically check a box saying you consumed the same. Love it.

    I am honestly excited to see how this goes for you!

    Worst case scenario, there is always GOMAD diet..


    • gentleman MVMNT · November 20, 2014

      I would totally do the GOMAD diet – but my stomach just won’t tolerate milk in that quantity. I tried to move to goat milk and couldn’t get with the taste of it. Come spring, I may try to find a local place that does raw goat’s milk and see if that’s any better.


      • Jennifer · November 20, 2014

        I was being sarcastic but heard it works.. I can’t even stomach a glass lol. But def will take a look at your MFP and see if I can make some suggestions!


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