bootleg that standing desk

Yeah, it’s a bit janky, but it gets me off my ass. Yes, I get concerned looks from coworkers, but I whisper softly that they’re killing themselves by sitting. Absolutely I look out over the cubicles like Mufasa showing Simba that everything the light touches is his domain. I am the office king, standing at my bootlegged, standing desk throne.

It’s a hot topic at the moment, and rightly so. Jill Miller – of Yoga Tune Up – wrote an article on fixing your office body aches. Hell if I’m doing those at my desk, people would be circling around taking pictures, but it’s still good information. Maybe I’ll sneak it in early some Friday morning… Maybe I’m doing it now. My man crush, Kelly Starrett, is working on a book for us terribly unfortunate deskbound souls. Even Dave Castro – with the help of Rogue – is getting into the standing desk game. Now if only I could get my boss to put one of those in place of my cubicle…

But how do those of us who are deskbound – and in some stodgy offices at that – work on our mobility without being gossiped about around the water cooler? Or, in my case, less gossiped about (but that’s another story).

I became a box collector. One for my screen, another for my laptop, a third for the keyboard and mouse – these last two boxes are new additions. I even have a box under my desk so that I can hang out in the good old Captain Morgan pose. As I said, I get some looks from my coworkers, but you know what? I saw someone else standing yesterday. Pretty soon we’ll all be peering at each other over our cubes instead of hiding in them. Progress, I say!

When I do sit at work – gasp – I have some trusty tools for performing basic human maintenance. As I told my friend Shelly over at Beauty and the Box, I keep a tennis ball and a lacrosse ball in my drawer. Every day, I roll my hamstrings, glutes, back, and shoulders without anyone knowing. Unless, of course, I scream in a bit of pain.

Get up and move! Sometimes I only fill up my water bottle halfway. Why? So that I have to get up and walk to the cooler to get more. I almost always get up and walk to colleagues desks rather than call them or send an email. Sure, they might not like the invasion of privacy, but they can deal with it. Soon they’ll be poking their heads out at their standing desks anyways. When I do call someone on the phone, I make sure to use my cell phone and walk around while talking.

It isn’t easy in an office culture so bound to the computer and the desk and the cube. But, it’s something that everyone should at least be aware of, and consciously trying to act against. Sitting has become the norm in almost all of our lives. Since I’ve already proposed that all work should cease and cubes be replaced with an adult jungle gym – my proposal was rejected; no room in the budget – I’ll continue to do everything I can to get off my ass. Just move!

Your turn: how do you avoid sitting at work? Do you use any tricks to get away from your desk? How do your colleagues react to your janky standing desk?


One comment

  1. Shelly · November 21, 2014

    Love this! I am a corporate zombie by day and therefore sit idle all day. The VariDesk has recently become a big hit here in my office, but I have yet to make the switch. I am the typical chick who picks fashion over comfortableness, so basically none of my shoes are standing appropriate – at least not for hours on end. I definitely like the idea of doing mobility at work though. I have to get on that bandwagon, asap.


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